To Administration:

There is no fair listing of the benefits that a home health agency can gain from the use of HomeCare Interactive™. The following points are from the personal experience of a home health agency:

  • Improves quality of care.
  • Increases clinical enjoyment and fulfillment in practicing home care while providing a natural flow of accountability and responsibility without sacrificing staff satisfaction.
  • Reduces burnout and staff turn over and counteracts the impact of nursing shortage.
  • Provides naturally enforced, yet significant continuity of care and communication.
  • Reduces overhead expenses.
  • Increases the agency's bottom line.
  • Enforces compliance with federal and state rules and regulations.
  • Improves documentation and enforces best practices.
  • Eliminates personnel errors.
  • Low maintenance of database through use of Single Source Database, requiring no human interference.
  • All functions are 100 percent integrated.
  • Eliminates unnecessary, repetitive tasks.
  • Reduces payroll expenses.
  • Provides confidence and peace of mind to agency staff.
  • Increases office and field staff productivity.
  • Eliminates conflict and reduces stress.
  • Provides a high-tech, integrated telemonitoring system at a fraction of the market price.
  • Enforces HIPAA compliance by keeping patient information within the agency without compromising or sharing information with several technology providers.
  • Distinguishes an agency among its staff and the medical community.

To Patients:

  • Patients are connected at all times to their agency and physicians.
  • Reduces hospitalization and ER visits.
  • Provides peace of mind.
  • Increases patient compliance.
  • Increases participation of patients in their own care.
  • Increases patients' knowledge about their illness.
  • Promotes improved and faster healing.

To Field Staff:

  • Increases workload.
  • Decreases burn out.
  • Increases acceptance of assignments by contract employees.
  • Makes staff more comfortable and competent in handling cases.
  • Keeps staff members informed up to the minute about their schedule and their patients.
  • Increases job enjoyment and satisfaction.
  • Guides staff in their documentation and assessment process.
  • Reduces assessment time and time for plan of care structuring.
  • Allows staff members involved in the case to view assessments and notes immediately as they are being completed.
  • Reduces driving time and daily expenses to agency.

To Physicians:

  • Allows physicians to write and sign all orders immediately, directly from their own desk-- anywhere anytime.
  • Provides physicians with internal calculator to keep up with their own oversight time.
  • Gives physicians immediate information about patients when needed, so that intervention can occur quickly.
  • Keeps track of all physician appointments for patients.
  • Physicians have the opportunity to read daily assessments, interventions and responses of their patients.
  • Allows physicians to have audio video interaction with patients and or agency staff.
  • The only application that allows a physician to hear lung and heart sounds on patient notes.
  • Allows physicians to make referrals directly from their own desktop, 24 hours a day.
  • Keeps physicians satisfied with the care provided by the agency.
  • Increases physicians' reliance and belief in home care and its abilities