Work Flow Starting with intake and ending with the patient's discharge and account closing , HomeCare Interactive™ guides home care practitioners through the process of care and keeps up with all activities while eliminating duplication of work and leaving no room for error or doubt. The system allows for immediate and effortless distribution of information among the appropriate staff members, resulting in complete and instant coordination of care delivery.

Point of Care Sigma's unique point of care system provides a practical method of documentation, data collection and retrieval that ensures prompt coordination of patient care. Unlike other systems that rely on traditional synchronization, the HomeCare Interactive™ point of care system is not vulnerable to overwriting. No download or upload protocols are needed, nor IT knowledge or staffing required. Data is exchanged securely and can be relied upon without compromise.


HomeCare Interactive™ provides managers with a variety of meaningful reports that allow for quality control, market analysis, strategic and financial planning. These reports have been designed from the perspective of a home health agency to concisely and efficiently meet the needs of today's home care best practices.


Sigma understands how vital scheduling is, and how frustrating it can be. HomeCare Interactive™ ensures the accuracy and completeness of scheduling, provides compliance with time limitations, and demands very little time and effort from staff. Frustration is replaced with peace of mind because nothing can “fall through the cracks”.


With HomeCare Interactive™, billing occurs effortlessly with uncompromised accuracy and speed. Smaller agencies will find security in knowing that payment is secured quickly, and larger agencies with multiple branches will be able to control billing from a single site.


With today's demands for achieving better patient outcomes, HomeCare Interactive™ streamlines the process of quality control (management and improvement) for home health agencies. Many reports that are geared toward monitoring outcomes and improving quality can be generated directly from the desktop of a QA coordinator. HomeCare Interactive™ provides a specially designed tool to allow QA/QI to be run from a single location for a multi-branch agency.

Centralization of Vital Information

With the unique capabilities of data transfer and sharing, HomeCare Interactive™ allows multi-branch agencies to centralize vital data and activities such as billing, QA/QI, human resources, and statistical data. This special feature reduces phone and fax use, multi-employee interference and human error while increasing speed and efficiency for administration with less time and effort needed to give management a complete picture of all branches.


Unlike any other practice management application, HomeCare Interactive™ provides the option to integrate a state of the art telemonitoring and telemedicine module into its application. This unique proprietary management system does not depend on interface or compatibility between two products from two different providers. It is one product that offers full documentation capabilities with home tele-health monitoring devices at a fraction of the cost of any telemonitoring equipment available in the market.


HomeCare Interactive™ is designed with extensive attention to ensure compliance with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) standards. HIPAA compliance, patient privacy and record integrity have been structured at all levels of the application's design and development. Several levels of user access, tracking of data entry, authentication of all records, and encryption of transferred data have implemented in this application. HomeCare Interactive™ is committed to safeguarding the privacy and security of clients', employees' and agencies' information.

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